Islamic New Year 2016

Muslims worldwide will be marking the first month of the Islamic calendar, but you may be wondering what exactly may be the Islamic Beginning of the year all about? Here is everything you need to find out

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Muslims globally are commemorating the Islamic New Year observation this weekend.

Also known as Hijri New Year, this falls in the 2nd holiest month in the religion’s calendar pursuing only Ramadan.

As well as tagging the beginning of Islamic year 1438, the special event allows Muslims to think about what they wish from their personal lives.

Even though schools in the united kingdom do not provide time off to Muslim kids for the celebration, within their homes they might see great feasts and going on a fast for the big event.

What is Islamic New Year?
Islamic or Hijri New Year may be the day that marks the start of a new Islamic calendar year, this season falling upon October a few.

The day actually shifts with the phase of the moon as the Islamic work schedule is tacha, so the coming year it will change to Sept 22, 2017.

The Islamic lunar 12 months is 11 to twelve times shorter compared to the solar Gregorian year, which explains why dates vary.

The day is the 1st day from the holy month of Muharram or Islamic New Year 2016, and it’s prevalent for a day time in the Islamic calendar to become defined as starting at sun.


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